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Storage Containers

Storage Container at Sunderland Street Storage

Features of our Storage Containers:

  • Measurements - 2.4m wide x 6m long x 2.3m high
  • New steel shipping container
  • Secured using your own padlock
  • Easy monthly payments by direct debit

Choose any one of the following options that are currently available:

Container 077

Features of our secure storage solutions in Hobart

Video surveillance system at Sunderland Street Storage

Video Surveillance System

Your belongings are under the watchful eye of our security cameras, so we’ll see everything while you’re not around.

Mobile access app

Mobile access app

Open the front gate and doorways remotely using an app on your mobile phone (available for Apple and Android devices).

24 hour access to Sunderland Street Storage

Let yourself in 24/7

Everything you put into storage is easily accessible because you can let yourself in anytime of the day or night.

Under lock and key

Under lock and key

Secure your individual Container or Shed Unit with your own padlock and key. No-one has access to your unit, other than you.